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Jefferson County Holiday Foods Event Big Success

November 22, 2013

Posted by Bettye Johnson, Jefferson County EH Council President

Jefferson County Extension Homemakers held their annual Holiday Foods Event October 29, 2013, at 10:00 A.M. in the Parish Hall of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Pine Bluff.  The EHC was very pleased to welcome special guest speaker, the First Lady of Arkansas, Ginger Beebe.

Jefferson cty Holiday Foods(Picture shows Bettye Johnson, Jefferson County EHC President, Ginger Beebe, First Lady of Arkansas, and Judy Cox, Event Chairman).         Mrs. Beebe presented a power point program of the Governor’s Mansion explaining the history and features of the mansion and beautiful pictures of Christmas Decorations of the past.  Over 200 attendees participated in the event which featured wonderful and different foods with demonstrations and a tasting meal of various recipes submitted by Jefferson County Extension Homemakers Club members.   A cookbook which included recipes of foods presented and demonstrated was given to all attendees.  The cost of the event was $10.00 per person and $5.00 each for extra cookbooks.Betty Picture

Everyone enjoyed the food, fun and fellowship.  The beautiful holiday decorations and door prizes were also enjoyed by all.  The event has been a tradition of the Jefferson County Extension Homemakers Council for many years and considered to be one of the best holiday events provided to the community.  Special guests were Betty Oliver, AEHC Volunteer  Coordinator, Kaye Green, AEHC State President  and Karen Bell-Fox, AEHC State Parliamentarian.  

Bettye Johnson, Jefferson County EHC Council President, opened the event and welcomed everyone with an invitation to join EHC clubs in JeffersonCounty.  This event demonstrates what can be done when organization members work together.   Everyone is looking forward to the event next year which is planned to be bigger and better than ever.Jeff. Cty. Holiday Foods-2

Jeff. Cty. Holiday Foods-3

Holiday Foods Committee:

Judy Cox-Chairman,  Bettye Johnson- Arrangements,  Jo Ann Carr and Marnette Reed- Cookbook,  Mary Ann Kizer, Jefferson County FCS Agent – Advisor (Shown in picture left Mary Ann Kizer demon-strating the dish she brought accompanied by members of the Food Science Dept. of U of A  Pine Bluff.)  Picture at right shows Betty Oliver and FCS Agents attending the event.

Committee Members:  Mary Nell Cardin, Mary Smith, Dixie Fritz, Peggi Barbaree, Sarah Payton, Nancy Sumner, Patsy Wallace, Connie Herrin, Kathy Rogers, Nancy Rosen, Debbie James,  Catherine Atkinson, Sandy Smith, Dorothy Green, Sabrina Self-Gwin and Vernita Self.


Montgomery County EHC Holds Annual Quilt show

November 19, 2013

Posted by Darlene Holliday, Montgomery County Council President

Montgomery County Extension Homemakers members held their 33rd Annual Montgomery County EHC Quilt Show on October 11th, 12th and 13th.  Thirty three years ago when the Quilt Show was started it was an outdoor affair on the Courthouse Grounds.  However, through the years and because of necessity, it was moved to the Billie Crane Building at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds and held in conjunction with the Annual Quartz,  Quiltz, and  Craftz Festival sponsored by the Mount Ida Chamber of Commerce.  The Quilt Show and Country Store is the annual fund-raising event put on by the Extension Homemakers Council.  Proceeds are used to fund Council activities, events, and projects. 

2013 Raffle Quilt 001Selling raffle tickets on our beautiful quilt made by ladies of Montgomery County is part of the fund-raising associated with this event.  Our beautiful “Log Cabin Memories” quilt was won this year by Brandi Burmeister of Dallas, Texas.

The quilt show’s highest award, The Peoples Choice Award, was won 2013 People's Choiceby Linda Allen of Mount Ida for her beautiful flower sampler quilt named “Bobby’s Flower Garden” in honor of her deceased husband.  Picture right.

Our Country Store located in the back portion of the quilt show building  supplies most of the money made in conjunction with this event.  The Country Store features homemade articles made by MontgomeryCounty members and includes Christmas items, crocheted and knitted items and homemade baked goods.

The Council is pleased to report a record attendance this year along with making more money than ever made on our Country Store items and quilt ticket sales combined.  The Council President, Darlene Holliday, and other Council Members were very pleased with the outcome of the event and want to thank everyone who brought quilts to enter and items to sell in the Country Store and all members for their hard work on this project.

Pictures:  “Getting Ready for the quilt show”  1st Picture:  Dorrie Oswald and Betty Nelson, 2nd picture:  Johnette Johnson, 3rd picture: Linda Allen and Wanda Clenney.

2013  Quilt Show Dorrie-Betty2013  Quilt Show jj2013  Quilt Show Linda-Wanda


October 31, 2013

Picture and story submitted by Betty F. Oliver, FCS/AEHC Volunteer Coordinator

Approximately 110 state agencies were represented at the Governor’s Mansion On October 9th to honor agencies that work with volunteers. Dr. Tony Windham, Extension Director, accepted the Award for Second Place for the Arkansas Extension Service. The Award was in recognition of volunteer hours by all services under the umbrella of Arkansas Extension Services.  This includes Arkansas Extension Homemakers, 4-H Clubs, Master Gardeners and Arkansas Leadership Program.   We are so proud of this award as it acknowledges all the work our Extension Groups do for our communities, for Arkansas Children’s hospital, for UAMSRockefellerCancerResearchCenter and UAMS Neonatal Department, for local nursing homes and assisted living facilities, food pantries and for so many other county and community projects.

In addition to the wonderful projects mentioned above, many of you have given large amounts of time to County and District Fairs during the months of August, September and October.  All these hours count, even your attendance at club meetings, workshops and leadership training meetings and church activities.  It is so important that all Extension Homemakers, Master Gardeners, and 4-H volunteers keep an account of their volunteer hours and turn them in to their local clubs. The clubs in turn should report to the County Extension Office where the FCS Agents will keep a running total of the hours.  We report our hours to the Department of Volunteerism once a year.  The Cooperative Extension Service would like everyone to know what great volunteer organizations are included under our umbrella and our University of Arkansas Extension Service receives extra funding according to our volunteer hours.

             The picture shows representatives to the activities. 
Pictured from left to right: Noah Washburn, representing 4-H, Dr. 
Rick Cartright, Associate Director, Tom Riley, Community and 
Economic Development, Janet Carson, Extension Horticulturist, Betty F. Oliver, FCS/AEHC Volunteer Coordinator, and Dr Tony Windham, 

Volunteer Hours 2013


October 28, 2013

Posted by Bill Hoskins, IndependenceCounty EH Council President

Independence County EHC members and their FCS Agent helped with the 4-H Orama held on Saturday, October 12, 2013, at the Independence County Fairgrounds in Batesville.   FCS Agent, Julian King, served as overseer and kept score for the bicycle obstacle course run.  EHC member, Laura Reed, helped out wherever she was needed.  Members Toy Siler and Bill Hoskins enjoyed the “tasty” part of judging the grilled chicken.  Each entry had to be tasted as a critical part of the judging.  In addition to taste, 4-H members were judged on several other factors.  These factors included safety in preparing their grill and fire and food safety; cleanliness of their work area, appearance and doneness of the chicken and the marinade used on their grilled chicken.  They also had to work within a somewhat narrow time limit.

The first picture shows Julian King using a stop watch to time a run through the obstacle course by a junior 4-H member.  The second picture is a junior 4-H member as she grills her chicken for the competition.  The third picture is EHC member Toy Siler making preparations to begin judging.  The fourth picture is EHC member Laura Reed signing in to help wherever needed.  The fifth picture is a senior 4-H member checking her chicken for appearance and doneness and the last picture IS a great example of a good-looking, fine-tasting grilled chicken half ready for judging.

Independence Cty. 4-H story

Independence Cty. 4-H story 2Independence Cty. 4-H story 3Independence Cty. 4-H story 4Independence Cty. 4-H story 5Independence Cty. 4-H story 6


October 28, 2013

Pictures provided by Betty Oliver, AEHC Volunteer Coordinator

2013 Dis.Mtgs ProgramsOctober is the month for our Extension Homemakers District Rallies.  A Rally is held in each of our three districts and the rallies this year were terrific.  Our reports show an attendance of close to 600 at the three meetings.  This was the first District Rally for each of the new Directors, and along with their Associate Directors, they did a wonderful job of organizing the meetings and presenting their programs.  Registrations, programs, lunch and Silent Auctions all went smoothly.  We thank the District Teams for all their hard work.

District Teams consisted of  Ozark District:  Cheryl Stewart, District Director, and her Associate Directors, Barbara Summers and Ruth Hall; Delta District: Krista Brimer, District Director, and her Associate Directors, Jo Ann Carr and Patsy Petit  below; Ouachita District:  Judy Simmons, District Director, and her Associate Directors, Darlene Holliday and Judy Brink.  We also thank Carolyn Morris, Treasurer, who made the trip to each meeting and made sure the financial part went well.  The first three pictures show District Directors, (and in some cases, Associates) in action.

2013 d.m. Cheryl 2013 Delta Dist Team2013 d.m. Judy S.

All three Districts presented the same program with some small differences by each District Director.  The main speaker at each meeting was a representative of the UAMS AR Saves Program concerning Strokes.  The program consisted of information regarding what to do immediately in case of stroke or symptoms.

Skits presented at the rallies concerning the theme, “Reaching Your EHC Dreams” were hilarious and we thank Krista Brimer who wrote the skit for us.

2013 Ozark Skit

2013 Delta Dist.Dir.& Skit people  2013 d.m.Skit Ouachita

Pictures below show Johnette Johnson, AEHC Vice President/District Rally Chairman, making her remarks at each meeting; President, Kaye Greene, with her presentation at each meeting; EIN Chairman, Karen Bell-Fox, with the EIN Report, Mary Fisher, President Elect, with the 2014 State Meeting Report; Phyllis Pipkin, Past President, as she talks about electing new officers for the coming two years and Marilyn Spence, Membership Chairman, as she gets everyone excited over membership.

2013 Dist.Mtgs. Vice Pres.

2013 d.m. Kaye 22013 dist mth. Karen Fox

2013 Dist. Mtg. Phyllis.

2013 d.m. Marilyn

Dr. Anne Sortor, U of A Associate Director, FCS & 4-H Youth Development, surprised us with her presence at the Ouachita District Rally.  Kaye Green presented Alberta James, U of A Director for the Ouachita District, with an arrangement of mums from AEHC.  Alberta will be retiring at the end of the year and AEHC will surely miss her.

2013 dist mtg Anne Sortor

2013 d.m. Alberta

2013 Martha Sarter Dir.Ozark2013 d.m. Sharon Reynolds

Martha Ray Sartor, U of A Director of the Delta District, spoke to us at the Delta District Rally and Sharon Reynolds, U of A Director of the Ozark District, at the Ozark Rally.

If you did not attend one of the District Rallies for this year, start making plans now to be sure to be there next October.

River Valley Canning EHC teaches canning to Girl Scout Leaders

October 24, 2013

Posted by Bill Hoskins, President of Independence County Extension Homemakers Council

River Valley Canners EHC Club of Independence County held a canning class for Girl Scout Leaders October 12th at the Girl Scout Camp, Crossed Arrows, near Floral, Arkansas.   Fourteen adult Girl Scout leaders participated in the canning session.

Independence County Canning Club1

Independence Girl Scout Canning session 7 (3)

The first picture shows Toy Siler, third from right, president of River Valley Canners EHC, watching as a Girl Scout leader removes the core from a tomato in preparation of making salsa.

The second picture shows Judy Murrah, of River Valley Canners EHC (on the right), as she watches as a Girl Scout leader prepares a tomato for salsa.


September 20, 2013

Posted by          Laura Reed, Independence County FCS Agent

On Monday, September 16th,  Independence County held an organizational meeting for their newest EH club. There were 20 prospective members in attendance and, according to the intent cards that were filled out and returned, about 12 intend to join the club.  Membership dues will be taken at the next meeting.   (Pictures below.)New Club Independence Cty 1

The club will be a knitting and crocheting club and they chose the name “River Valley Needle Works.”  They also chose a President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.   Joyce Williams, was hand picked by Bill Hoskins, Independence County EHC Council President,  to help start this new club, and she was approved by the group as President.  She has vast experience in the field and in teaching, so she was the perfect choice. The ages ranged from 10 to 70+ with a 17 year old being named Vice President.  There seemed to be a great interest in this club with there being an even split of those who were there to learn and those who had experience.  I believe this club will do very well.
New Club Independence  Cty 4

There were two young girls in the group at the meeting and Bill Hoskins told me he had been in touch with the mom, and she says they love it and are already practicing on their crocheting at home. (Shown in picture)