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October 31, 2013

Picture and story submitted by Betty F. Oliver, FCS/AEHC Volunteer Coordinator

Approximately 110 state agencies were represented at the Governor’s Mansion On October 9th to honor agencies that work with volunteers. Dr. Tony Windham, Extension Director, accepted the Award for Second Place for the Arkansas Extension Service. The Award was in recognition of volunteer hours by all services under the umbrella of Arkansas Extension Services.  This includes Arkansas Extension Homemakers, 4-H Clubs, Master Gardeners and Arkansas Leadership Program.   We are so proud of this award as it acknowledges all the work our Extension Groups do for our communities, for Arkansas Children’s hospital, for UAMSRockefellerCancerResearchCenter and UAMS Neonatal Department, for local nursing homes and assisted living facilities, food pantries and for so many other county and community projects.

In addition to the wonderful projects mentioned above, many of you have given large amounts of time to County and District Fairs during the months of August, September and October.  All these hours count, even your attendance at club meetings, workshops and leadership training meetings and church activities.  It is so important that all Extension Homemakers, Master Gardeners, and 4-H volunteers keep an account of their volunteer hours and turn them in to their local clubs. The clubs in turn should report to the County Extension Office where the FCS Agents will keep a running total of the hours.  We report our hours to the Department of Volunteerism once a year.  The Cooperative Extension Service would like everyone to know what great volunteer organizations are included under our umbrella and our University of Arkansas Extension Service receives extra funding according to our volunteer hours.

             The picture shows representatives to the activities. 
Pictured from left to right: Noah Washburn, representing 4-H, Dr. 
Rick Cartright, Associate Director, Tom Riley, Community and 
Economic Development, Janet Carson, Extension Horticulturist, Betty F. Oliver, FCS/AEHC Volunteer Coordinator, and Dr Tony Windham, 

Volunteer Hours 2013

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