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October 28, 2013

Posted by Bill Hoskins, IndependenceCounty EH Council President

Independence County EHC members and their FCS Agent helped with the 4-H Orama held on Saturday, October 12, 2013, at the Independence County Fairgrounds in Batesville.   FCS Agent, Julian King, served as overseer and kept score for the bicycle obstacle course run.  EHC member, Laura Reed, helped out wherever she was needed.  Members Toy Siler and Bill Hoskins enjoyed the “tasty” part of judging the grilled chicken.  Each entry had to be tasted as a critical part of the judging.  In addition to taste, 4-H members were judged on several other factors.  These factors included safety in preparing their grill and fire and food safety; cleanliness of their work area, appearance and doneness of the chicken and the marinade used on their grilled chicken.  They also had to work within a somewhat narrow time limit.

The first picture shows Julian King using a stop watch to time a run through the obstacle course by a junior 4-H member.  The second picture is a junior 4-H member as she grills her chicken for the competition.  The third picture is EHC member Toy Siler making preparations to begin judging.  The fourth picture is EHC member Laura Reed signing in to help wherever needed.  The fifth picture is a senior 4-H member checking her chicken for appearance and doneness and the last picture IS a great example of a good-looking, fine-tasting grilled chicken half ready for judging.

Independence Cty. 4-H story

Independence Cty. 4-H story 2Independence Cty. 4-H story 3Independence Cty. 4-H story 4Independence Cty. 4-H story 5Independence Cty. 4-H story 6

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