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September 20, 2013

Posted by          Laura Reed, Independence County FCS Agent

On Monday, September 16th,  Independence County held an organizational meeting for their newest EH club. There were 20 prospective members in attendance and, according to the intent cards that were filled out and returned, about 12 intend to join the club.  Membership dues will be taken at the next meeting.   (Pictures below.)New Club Independence Cty 1

The club will be a knitting and crocheting club and they chose the name “River Valley Needle Works.”  They also chose a President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.   Joyce Williams, was hand picked by Bill Hoskins, Independence County EHC Council President,  to help start this new club, and she was approved by the group as President.  She has vast experience in the field and in teaching, so she was the perfect choice. The ages ranged from 10 to 70+ with a 17 year old being named Vice President.  There seemed to be a great interest in this club with there being an even split of those who were there to learn and those who had experience.  I believe this club will do very well.
New Club Independence  Cty 4

There were two young girls in the group at the meeting and Bill Hoskins told me he had been in touch with the mom, and she says they love it and are already practicing on their crocheting at home. (Shown in picture)

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