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May 5, 2012

                                      From Washboards to Keyboards!

By Jane Newton

County Extension Agent-Family and Consumer Sciences

Extension Homemakers throughout Arkansas dedicated 2012 to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the beginning of EHC work in the state.  As a part of  the festivities, County Judge Charles Capps signed a proclamation officially proclaiming May as Extension Homemakers Month in Lincoln County.   Evelyn Glover, Pauline Myrick, Ernestine Austin, Cora Moore, Edith Eagle, Mary Lou Mahurin, Helen Edwards, and Linda Brockman watch.              

   Lincoln County Extension Homemakers remember the past as part of their 100-year celebration by wearing bonnets made and worn by their mothers and grandmothers. (seated) Ernestine Austin and Linda Brockman; (standing) Mary Lou Mahurin, Edith Eagle, and Evelyn Glover.   


Up, Up, and Away!  Lincoln County Extension Homemakers Linda Brockman, Ernestine Austin, Pauline Myrick, Cora Moore, Mary Lou Mahurin, Evelyn Glover, Helen Edwards, and Edith Eagle show their colors as they celebrate the 100 years of Extension Homemaker work by releasing 100 balloons containing 100 names of past and present EHC members to honor their contributions in Lincoln County.


 The culmination of the EHC 100-year anniversary celebration will be the annual AEHC State Meeting in June. Honoring the past, highlighting the present, and looking toward to the future will be the focus!  Lincoln County Extension Homemakers who will be attending the AEHC State Meeting and gala will be Bobbie Broadnax, newly-elected County Council Vice-President; Edith Eagle, County Council President; Helen Edwards, newly-elected County Council President; Evelyn Glover, County Council Past President; Mary Lou Mahurin, County Council Secretary-Treasurer; Pauline Myrick; along with Jane Newton, County Extension Agent-Family and Consumer Sciences.  Jane will present a program entitled “How to Cook like Grandma ~ Would You Really Want to?” during the 3-day meeting.     

EHC members develop skills by participating in a variety of club, county, district, and state events.  EHC members also get the latest information on what’s new for their home and family in areas such as Nutrition and Health, Financial Resource Management, Family and Child Development, and Home Environment.  In addition, members participate in a wide range of community service projects throughout the year.  You can become a part of this vital volunteer organization, too – because your community needs you and because you haven’t stopped learning!  The Hickory Grove EHC meets the third Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the Lincoln County Extension Office or you may wish to join the Lincoln County Extension Homemakers as a Member-at-large.  Whether you are a club member or a member-at-large you still have all the benefits and opportunities of being a part of one of the largest volunteer groups in the state.

             For more information about EHC membership, meetings, program benefits, or events, please contact the Lincoln County Cooperative Extension Office located at 113 West Wiley in Star City, Arkansas or call us at 870-628-4247.




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