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April 26, 2012

                     The Yell County 100 Year Celebration Dinner held Monday night, April 23rd, at the Leon Millsap Center in Danville, was a wonderful celebration of the past 100 years of Extension Homemakers Clubs (formerly Home Demonstration Clubs) inYellCounty.   Anna Bennett, Chairman of the event, was to be congratulated.  The food , presented by the members of  Yell County and served by some great members of  the Yell County 4-H Clubs, was terrific.                         

Mary Fisher, AEHC Vice President and an EHC member of Yell County, was MC for the program.   Lavonne Roddy, Yell County EHC President, welcomed the approximately 100 guests.  Mary Fisher introduced some special guests which included the Danville Mayor, the Honorable Steve Pfeifer, and Yell County Judge, Mark Thone, who presented proclamations to the county EHC praising them for all their hard work and accomplishments for the county and proclaimed the Month of May as AEHC Month forYellCounty.   State Representative, John Catlett, presented them with a Citation from the House of Representatives.

          Also present were AEHC officers and committee members, AEHC State Coordinator, Betty Oliver, and AEHC State President, Phyliis Pipkin, both of which made comments praising the work of this wonderful county organization.  Also present were: Sharon Reynolds, University of Arkansas Extension Service District Director; AEHC State Secretary, Johnette Johnson; State Parliamentarian, Sally Patterson; AEHC District Director, Barbara Boeh and her husband, Dale Boeh, who is part of the State Planning Committee; Carolyn Morris, Assistant District Director; Ruth Hall, State Decorations Committee Chairman, and Betty Oliver’s husband, Bob.   Also present were the President and Treasurer of the Montgomery County EH Council, Darlene Holliday and Mary Dell Pierce.

          The group enjoyed a great song written and performed by the Gum Springs Extension Club telling the whole 100 year history of Yell County EHC.  The group was also entertained by some wonderful music from the Kent Dennis Band.  At the end of the program, Mary Fisher presented all attendees with a booklet which she compiled and printed presenting the early days of the history of Yell County EHC.
          Responses regarding individual stories of amazing things the Yell County EHC has done for the county were given by Scott Peak, Administrator of Chambers Memorial Hospital; Bood Keathley of Chambers Bank; Jack Smith with the Disabled Veterans Association; and a representative  from Yell County Nursing Home.

             Yell County’s new Extension  Agent, Joy West, was present with glowing remarks about the performance of  herYell County members, and also present were Ag Agents, Jack Clark and Casey Scarborough, along with former agents Claudia Corbin and Yvonne Bennett.

Pictures show  Lavonne Roddy, Yell County EH Council President receiving proclamations of  the 100 year celebration of EHC work inYell County from County Judge, Mark Thone, and Danville Mayor, The Honorable Steve Pfeifer and also a pic of Representative, John Catlett, presenting the nice Citation from the Arkansas House of Representatives.  Pictures also show the Kent Dennis Band and the Gum Springs EHC Club performing their song.

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