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November 4, 2011

         The three Districts of the Arkansas Extension Homemakers Council have had their District Meetings held each year in the latter part of October.  All meetings were wonderful and a great success.  The total attendance this year for all three meetings together was 644.  This is the most we have ever had for our district meetings and we were so pleased to have such good groups.   (The group in the picture is the Bradley County Members which is one of the largest county groups to attend.)

Skit by Yell Co. EHC Ladies

Yell County leaders perform membership skit for District Meeting.

Dr. Anne Sortor, Associate Director, Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Development, gave a wonderful talk to the Ozark District at Clarksville’s First Methodist Church FamilyLife Center.  Barbara Boeh, District Director of the Ozark District and her Associate Directors, Carolyn Morris and Barbara Stover, did a great job with the program and decorations.  The food, which was prepared by the Johnson County EHC, was great.  A group of Yell County leaders presented a hilarious membership skit (picture shown below) depicting the basics of organizing a new Extension Homemakers Club.  This skit, as well as a power point presentation developed by Terri Jacobs of Sevier County, was shown at all three rallies and immensely enjoyed by members at all three meetings.

Dr. Tony Windham, Associate Vice President of the Agricultural Division of the Extension Service, was the speaker at the Delta and Ouachita rallies.  The Delta rally was filled with excitement from the beginning of the day to the end.  Barbara Jones, District Director for the Delta District, and her Associate Directors, Lawana Stone and Barbara Griffin, did outstanding jobs with the program.  A wonderful fish and chicken lunch was served and Jackie King, FCS Agent in Monroe County, kept the group awake after lunch with an action filled stretcher.  The Ouachita District Meeting was held in the beautiful building of the Extension Homemakers Council on the Garland County Fairgrounds.  It was decorated beautifully and it certainly provided a wonderful meeting place for the day.  David Jacobs, District Director of Ouachita District, did an outstanding  job presiding and his Associate Directors, Dorothy Penix and Peggy Ledger, were great with all the program logistics.  The Garland County EHC Council provided a delicious lunch.  Dr. Tony is shown in the picture below receiving a gift of a homemade apple pie from Ouachita District Director, David Jacobs.  The pie was made by Phyllis Pipkin, AEHC President and member of the Ouachita District.

Gift presented to Speaker Dr. Tony Windham

Dr. Windham is presented with an apple pie by Ouachita District Director, David Jacobs.

At all three meetings the afternoon was filled with information concerning plans for our 100 Year Celebration at next year’s state meeting, information concerning the oral history that is being developed in each county, the nomination for new officers and reminders about EIN report deadlines coming up.  The EIN information will be on the EHC website soon and the oral history information is already on the EHC Blog.

All districts reported plans for membership expansion and many districts reported having already organized new clubs.  New county FCS Agents were present, and all districts are so happy to have these new agents.

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  1. Kaye Green permalink
    November 10, 2011 3:19 PM

    All the District Rallie were so wonderful this year! Mary Fisher, VP , Barbara Boeh, Carolyn Morris, Barbara Stover, Barbara Jones, LaWana Stone, Barbara Griffin, David Jacobs, Peggy Leger and Dorothy Penix made each and every one a pleasure to attend! The skits were great! Silent Auctions were very enticing! The door prizes, what can I say! I finally won one at Ouachita District Rally. It is sitting in my dining room, I am really enjoying it’s beauty! The Associates took leading parts in the programs and I could see potential for very good AEHC State leaders! Good job to all!!

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