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Young Homemaker Scholarship Winner Tells Story

August 10, 2011

By Rebecca  Boudra,       

Jefferson County

  To begin with, my fiancée’s aunt said  “Becky, I wish you would get into an Extension Club. There is so much to do and I just know you would enjoy it.”  Well, I took her advice and I became an AEHC Member-at-Large.  Then the Camden Road Club in Jefferson County recruited me to join their club.  Our members are a caring group of fun-loving individuals.  People who find out that I joined the Extension Homemakers Club ask me: “Becky isn’t that for old ladies???” It is true that the majority of participants are retired women, but I enjoy interacting with them and they have taught me so much!
Paula Daily caught my interest in the beginning with some interesting projects that she demonstrated.   Her workshops are very interesting.   I really enjoyed the candle-making workshop for hostess gifts and a button-bracelet workshop (I now collect buttons).  You should see Paula decorate for a party!  Paula has included me in several other activities as well.
Nancy Sumner taught me how to knit a baby cap on a loom.  I never imagined creating something like that with my own hands that would be needed and adorable.  I value this time in my life and realize, “Hey, I am good at crafts.”  Camden Road Club is a very relaxed and laid back club. It’s not “Crack the Whip!” like a normal job or activity.  Everyone around me helps boost my confidence and that really helps me a lot. Volunteering has promoted my personal growth and self-esteem, as well as gaining professional and job related experiences.
I have met so many wonderful people and organizations as a result of being involved in AEHC.   This club has allowed me to meet people outside my usual sphere of contacts.   It goes back to the saying, “You get out of things what you put into it.”   This has proved true and I have been able to associate with some great people at the top of their professional careers.
Last year,  I was recruited to volunteer at “The Land of Enchanted Lights and Legends.”  Although I was not particularly excited about this and even kind of dreaded it, I went anyway and this turned out to be great experience.  We had a BLAST!   It was really cold and we all wore hats and I really felt a sense of giving back to the community.  This was the first time I had worked for free and I enjoyed every minute of  it.
This year, June 2011, at the State Meeting in Hot Springs, Arkansas, I received the Young Homemaker Scholarship Award.  I was extremely excited and deeply honored.  I feel really blessed and God gets the glory. It was an extremely rewarding experience and  I was called up on the stage to receive the award.   This was my first time ever to be in the spotlight of anything!
I was also appointed Leadership Development Committee Chairman in July 2011 for Jefferson County.   I am also currently working on a project that, if I wasn’t involved in AEHC, I wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to do.  My project is “Turning the Tide on Poverty in Jefferson County.”   I am representing the Watson Chapel area.  I find an immense feeling of satisfaction contributing to something that a lot of people will benefit from.
My latest adventure that AEHC has introduced to me is blogging.   I have heard of it but did not understand it, but I am learning.  Now, I have my own blog and you can find it at: .
Volunteering can actually be really fun. You get to meet people, learn various new things, have adventures, help others, and be a useful member of your community.   I encourage anyone and everyone to join AEHC.

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